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Law Enforcement Skills and Knowledge
* Criminal Law * Traffic Law
* Human Behavior * Accident Investigation
* Defensive Tactics * Crime Prevention
* Firearms * Community Policing
* Domestic Violence Investigation * Vehicle Operation
* Hazardous Material Response * Evidence Collection
* Internet Crime Against Children, Chief Investigator * Public Relation
National Center for Missing and Explored Children * D. A. R. E. Program
Career Achievements
  • Hired by Sheriff Prince Arnold as Deputy Sheriff, September 1979
  • Appointed Investigator for The Wilcox County Sheriff Office in 1988
  • Appointed to Chief Deputy Sheriff in 1992
  • Appointed Deputy Coroner in Wilcox County in 1994
  • Wilcox County Commission presented a Resolution for years of service in 1994 - Earnest I. Evans Day (June 21, 1994)
  • State of Alabama House of Representatives presented a First Recipient of the Alabama Legislature Law Enforcement Medal of Honor in 1995
  • Alabama Democratic Conference Drum Major for Justice Awarded for Leadership and Commitment in Pursuit of Justice for ALL in 2004
  • National Council of Negro Women, Incorporated, Wilcox County Section presented an Award for Recognition of Dedicated and Committed Service to the Community in 2006
Law Enforcement and Career Experience
Wilcox County Sheriff Office, Camden, Alabama 1979 – present
     Over 4000 hours of specialized law enforcement training, Worked with Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies, I have worked well with all the local police and sheriff’s Departments in the surrounding counties. I have worked well with the Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies in and around Alabama: Camden and Pine Hill Police Department, U. S. Marshals, DEA, FBI, Alabama State Troopers, S.B.I., Alabama Agriculture Investigators, Fire Marshals, Game wardens, ect. . I also worked very well with the court system Juvenile, District and Circuit court of Wilcox County. Up to date on the new laws , continuously going to law update classes to stay informed on any changing laws. Earned over sixty hours of continually education with Jacksonville
As Sheriff
    I maintain computer applications for Wilcox County Sheriff Office and traffic safety programs, Departmental speaker to local community organizations, and schools explaining programs on drug abuse, driving under the influence of alcohol, emergency disaster planning, and theft among juveniles. I also maintain Federal, State, and Local Internet Crimes Against Children and Missing and Exploited Children. In the past fifteen years, I worked with the Emergency Management Agency in disaster planning, and applying for grants. I am supervising and training correctional officers and deputies. I have been in law enforcement since 1979. I have thousands of hours of advanced law enforcement training. I have the management and leadership abilities and experiences it takes to do the job as Sheriff.

New Programs

     Mobile Patrol download on smart phone, Victim Notification download on smart phone and letter, Grants to purchase new patrol vehicles, Secret Witness phone line, photo pistol permits, and hired people from ready to work programs, Computers in all vehicles and contract with Alabama DOC to house state prisoners to bring revenue into the County. Wilcox County Sheriff Office website and Facebook page. Pistol permits online. Medical personel on staff at Jail.


Paid political advertisement by friends to re-elect Earnest I. Evans, Sheriff of Wilcox County, Alabama 

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